Who We Are

We’re avid readers and aspiring writers—we created Prolitfic because we felt the need for more democratic creative outlets. The writers on our team wanted more than just a platform to publish work online; we wanted analytic tools and a community that’d actually develop our writing. The readers wanted a source for fresh, quality work personalized to our tastes.

How We Work

On Prolitfic, any user can create an account and upload work in chapter-length installments for other users to read and review. The system is designed to optimize the discovery of quality works by unknown authors—think SoundCloud for the publishing industry but with better quality control.

What We Offer

Tiered review system

  • Consistently helpful reviewers have higher user scores
  • Thoughtful, actionable reviews are weighted more heavily in work ratings
  • Enforces quality control

Feedback analytics

  • Capture data on your audience, such as common trends in feedback, where readers typically stop reading, and more
  • Writers use insights to refine writing and promotion strategies

Community exposure

  • Showcase work to agents, editors, and publishers
  • Top writers, reviewers, and competition winners featured to wide audiences
  • Interact with and follow favorite authors

Current Status

We’ve been conducting online workshopping trials and building a Facebook fiction writing resources group (external submission/award opportunities, master lists, monthly competitions, author/publisher interviews, beta testing opportunities, etc.) If you’re interested in working with us, spreading the word, or have any questions, contact us at prolitfic@gmail.com!