Community Guidelines

Hi! Thank you all for the enthusiasm—we were blown away by how many people signed up in under a day. However, we’d just like to remind everyone that our fifth workshopping trial officially starts Monday, 11/26, because we haven’t yet published updates to the site and want you to have the best experience possible with our platform. So, for now, create your account and upload work but await our email closer to the start date before you begin engaging!
In the meantime, here are some workshopping and community guidelines:


  • To participate, create an account. Use a valid email address, as that’ll be used to verify your account, and choose a unique password.
  • Leave fair, actionable feedback. The quality (helpfulness, thoughtfulness) of your feedback will be rated by fellow participants, and we will take note of those who leave the best quality reviews. Below is an example comment, which has justification for the rating (strong voice, clear motives, stylistic choices, etc) and specific, actionable ways to improve the writing style.
I thought the premise was intriguing, but some of the descriptions were long-winded and drew me out of the story. You have a strong voice and likeable main character, but I’m not sure I buy his motivation for licking the velociraptor. I’d work on concision--a lot of the details you have aren’t necessary in that they don’t move the plot forward, and your sentences often get unwieldy (also try varying your sentence structure!)


  • Writers—submit an ORIGINAL piece (under around 5,000 words for now.) We’re not allowing fanfiction, sorry!
  • Please submit appropriate pieces, i.e. no gratuitous sexual content (a general rule of thumb is it must be relevant to and advance the plot and not be there for its own sake.)
  • Check out your story analytics to see who’s reading your work.
  • Writers retain rights to their work.


  • The trial will run for one week as we observe activity.
  • Be sure to check out your work's analytics by going to your profile and clicking the "Analytics" button on your work.
  • Make sure you take note of feedback you have for us. We’ll send out a short exit survey so we can use your comments to improve our platform features and user experience.
  • All writers retain complete rights to their works; we reserve no copyright for uploaded stories.