An Idea

By: Bajabassist
Jan. 5, 2019
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As my vans slowly tapped the pavement below me, I pulled my cuffed sleeves of my shirt over my hands, holding the ends loosely in my closed palms, the cuffs resting just over my knuckles. Despite my earbuds, I could hear the people in my first hour German 2 class chattering loudly. It was nice out, about 70 degrees or so, and our teacher thought it would be good to go outside and get some fresh air. We walked around the parking lot, and through a small patch of trees. The sunlight gently cascaded through the dark green leaves, making patterns on the thin grassed dirt. I had decided to stay in the back, in order to avoid being run over by the other crazy high schoolers. And they were just that; crazy. Carrying on and yelling as if they were deaf, the boys roughoused and talked about whatever boys talk about. While the cliquey girls talked and scrolled around on their phones, barely looking at the beautiful things around them.

As I walked, I listened to the lead singer of State Champs sing ‘Leave You In The Dark’ through my earbuds, and took in my surroundings. The sun filtered through the trees calmly, casting a golden glow between the shadows of the leaves and blades of grass. I smiled as a calm wind rustled my dark red bangs under my beanie. There was something about the wind that gave me hope for some reason. Most people would just find it annoying because it messes up their hair, but I don’t mind it.

I’d always been different, even since childhood. Girls at school used to make fun of me because of it, and I still get weird looks sometimes. What’s considered “normal” at my school is wearing bright colors, listening to pop music and talking all the time. I’m the exact opposite. I wear black all the time, listen to rock, and I don’t really talk a lot. People say I look sad or ticked off a lot but really, I’m just lost in thought or zoning out.

“Nice day,” a voice said behind me. It was my teacher, “Herr Fischer” as we called him. I smiled and pulled my left earbud out so I could hear him better.

“It is,” I told him.

“You okay back here? Allison, May and Jess are all up front,” he said, motioning to the pack of girls that were laughing up front.

“Yeah. I’m just enjoying the quiet back here, sir,” I said, smiling and turning my head to look at him.

“Oh. That makes sense,” he paused, looking at the boys a few people in front of him, who were goofing off.


“Boys!” He started, giving me a glance. “I’m gonna go take care of them,” he said before jogging off, weaving through the hoard of German students. I nodded and put my other earbud in, walking in silence.

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