By: Rose_Platter
Nov. 20, 2018
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It Was Just a Party


This is the story of our adventure, if you could even call it that, on the Isle of Avila-- you know, the abandoned one just a little ways out, you can see it clearly on a nice night. I prefer to call it my trip to Hell. Well anyway, it was the summer of, I think ‘09. I was around sixteen and my best friend, Roxy, invited me and some people from school to a beach party. I didn’t really want to go, but she made me anyway. Kept saying I needed to get out of the house. She went to this kind of party the year before with the guy she was dating and it turned into an oversized kegger, till the cops showed up and most of the kids got arrested for underage drinking. Apparently, the whole school was there and everyone talked about it for the next week. I vaguely remember someone mentioning it.

A week before the party, my mom, who was on the ‘hunt’ since my dad left, sat me down and told me she was getting married and I’d have a new brother. I met the two at dinner the following day. They had been staying in a hotel for the past three weeks until mom made the revelation to me. I don’t know why she didn’t introduce them to me before they came to town. Turns out my soon-to-be brother was the new guy in town Roxy had been crushing on since he showed up and started working at the coffee shop near our school, so I invited him to the party. Roxy was over the moon when I told her.


The rest of that week was spent moving my mom’s new fiance, Theodore, and his son in. They didn’t have a lot of stuff, just clothes and my brother had some mementos of his mother. She had passed away two years before. Roxy was a big help making them feel welcome. She spent every moment she could flirting. When the day of the party rolled around, Roxy came over and we spent the day picking out clothes to wear. She did most of the picking and a lot of flirting. We ended up deciding ripped jeans along with our favorite t-shirts, hers a band t-shirt, mine a galaxy design. Around seven, the three of us left for the beach. Roxy said the others would be waiting with the drinks and food. One of the guys, Jake, had a fake ID and bought us booze. I had met him before the party, but we weren’t really friends. He wasn’t the type to really have too many friends. He was a bit of a loner.

We got to the beach and there were only six people there. The Rollin twins, Alice and Dorothy, Jake Peters, and us. Jake had started a fire and we sat around it drinking. It was super awkward since Alice dated Jake the year before when Dorothy had a major crush on him, but so did Roxy, and they didn’t talk to each other till they broke up.

Back to the relevant story, we all started to get bored, we had been playing a rather boring game of never have I ever when Roxy had the brilliant idea of showing my brother around the supposedly haunted, Kira Island. In hindsight, it wasn’t such a good idea. Of course, she knew we couldn’t swim there. So again her brilliant brain came up with another idea: take a boat. At the time it sounded like a great idea, of course. That was after we all had a little too much to drink-- except my brother, who hadn’t had a drop. We crept as quietly as we could, which wasn’t quiet at all until we found a   just able to hold six people, the oars inside. Lucky us. As I look back I think we were meant to find that boat and oars. Just another way for those wretched things to get their claws in us.


When we got to the island, Roxy led us to the outside of an old cave. The most haunted part of the island, if you believed the tales. She said that a big cruise liner crashed there years ago, like in the nineteen hundreds or something. Apparently hundreds or maybe it was thousands died when it sunk. No one survived, but it’s not like we believed her.

I had my phone with me, in case of emergency, and I got it out to take a picture of Roxy in front of the cave mouth. Right after the picture was taken, it started to ring.

Doing what any drunken teenager would do, I answered it. It started as morse code, then a radio broadcast. The guy talking was weird, to say the least. He wasn’t making any sense. First, he said something about the S.S. Perry, then about a mass funeral. It shifted to another guy yelling about rescue being pointless. Then about water flooding the bridge. I can’t remember. It hurts to remember. They don’t want me to remember, but I do.

Josh grabbed my phone and hung up. Roxy and the Rollin twins were panicking. My brother kept yelling at me, but I couldn’t hear him. All I could hear was static and screaming. The screams weren’t from our group. Hundreds of screams pierced my ears. I couldn’t take it.

The next thing I knew, they had all faded out. I was on the beach, it was sunny out. A few kids were playing in the ocean, their parents sunbathing. I was sitting on a beach towel, a book in my hands. My sister pulled it out of my hands.

“You need to go swimming,” she’d always say, “that’s why we came here.”

Her voice was always so soft and sweet. I remember it so vividly. While everything else turns to hazy memories. She’s always clear, her smile, the games we used to play. She always took care of me.


My brother sat next to me. Josh was tending the fire, and the girls had calmed down. My brother helped me sit up and leaned me against a rock. The cave was giving off a soft blue, almost white light, but I guess I was the only one that saw it. My brother sat next to me.

“How are you feeling?” his voice was soft like hers once was. “You fainted. Josh and I moved you over here so you wouldn’t overheat while unconscious.” I leaned against the rock, wiping the tears from my cheeks.

I was feeling like crap, but I’d never tell him that. My phone was in his hand, he kept flipping it back and forth. He looked me in the eye, his big amber eyes boring into my tear-stained baby blues. He handed me back my phone.

“The number didn’t save in the call log. What happened?” He ran his hand through his chestnut hair.

Before I could answer, Roxy joined us. She was worried, that was obvious. She sat down and the floodgates opened. Question after question flew out of her mouth with no filter. I can’t even remember them all, but she was relentless.

When the questions did finally stop, the twins were falling asleep and Josh had almost burnt himself twice. My brother was staring vacantly at the wall in front of us. Roxy was trying not to squeal at, in her own words, the most adorable sight ever. Gross, right? She should’ve been more serious. It was her life on the line anyway. Roxy eventually left us alone, the silence making me a bit uncomfortable. He looked me in the eye once more. There was this mischievous glint in them. I should’ve never gone to this freakin island. He grabbed my hand and dragged me deep into the cave.

“Let’s go,” he whispered.

We stopped in front of a smaller opening. It was glowing so brightly I had to cover my eyes. He pulled me deeper. As we passed the threshold, my phone began to ring. It was Roxy’s number. Forgetting she didn’t have her phone, I answered it.

A dark voice was on the line. He was speaking in different voices. Like he had taken several radio broadcasts and cut them together to create sentences. My brother must’ve gotten worried because he tore my phone away and hung up. He pulled me into a hug and asked if I was okay. I was fine though. Wasn’t I? He sat me down, my body shaking. I felt his arms around me, but that was it. I couldn’t feel myself, or the rocks around us. The ground seemed to fade away. I was floating. Reality began to float away. The walls melted. All that was left was myself and Him. A flash of red blurred my vision. Then the dark voice, clearer this time. It spoke of my friends and how there was no escape for us or them. How we were stuck there till the end of time with them. How we’d never see our families again. The sounds shifted. It was two people now. They were screaming that our lives, as well as theirs, were over. The screams hurt. My ears were bleeding. His arms were no longer around me. He wasn’t there. I was alone. The voices left too. I was alone drifting through empty space.


I woke up on the cave floor. He was sitting next to me, holding His bleeding head. I sat up, pain in my back and head. I groaned, catching His attention. He released His head and help me sit up. He tore His shirt into strips. He tied a strip around my head and one around Him. To help stop the bleeding, was what He said.


While we rested, my head was pounding and his humming wasn’t helping. I had rested my head back on his legs. For his athleticness, he was quite soft. He started to thread his fingers in my hair, softly and tenderly, lulling me to sleep.

The bright lights hurt my eyes. I was back on the beach, but it was sunny and children were playing. I was about four or five, my father was there. I was playing in the sand, with a young boy. He couldn’t have been much older than me. My mother was sitting in a beach chair drinking something. It was strange, like deja vu. My hair was long and tied up in pigtails. I don’t remember the boy ever being in my life. He had this golden hair and eyes that shone as bright as the ocean. He looked like me, like dad. The scene faded, he started fading, “No” I screamed, I didn’t want it to go away. I didn’t want to go back to that hell.    

When I woke up, we went on. As we went deeper into the cave, the light was getting brighter. As though the rocks themselves were glowing. The bright blue had become white and was now dulling to a soft pink as my head throbbed and the world spun. He helped me sit down, leaning me gently against a rock. I was shaking. He was strong. Like He would have carried me if He wanted to. Probably from all the sport’s He played. Captain of the football, basketball, and track teams at his old school. He must’ve been really popular. It must’ve sucked to be forced to move here. Away from His friends and daunting fans. At least he’d be accepted at school. If He ever got to see it.

Wonderland Cave


The world spun, suddenly I was at a high school. I had been here once before, Roxy brought me here for a football game. There was something going on at the field. It was dark out and cold. I heard cheering coming from the stands. I slipped past the adults collecting tickets and headed towards the cheering. The smell of hot dogs and popcorn wafted through the air as I got closer. It was a football game, He was the object of all the cheering. He looked happy. I saw that little boy again, he was standing next to the stands. He looked so out of place, much like I was.

We sat for a few minutes until the world stopped spinning. His amber eyes were filled with a thirst for adventure. His stature and almost glowing eyes reminded me of a wolf eager for a kill. We walked down what I can only compare to a rabbit hole leading to Wonderland or some hellish version of it.

Some point through the cave, Roxy started calling for us. Like, yelling down the cave. He sighed and something shift in my stomach. I started to dry heave, trying to expel the alcohol in me. He pulled my hair back into a ponytail, to keep it out of my way as footsteps began to approach.

Roxy showed up minutes later. She was bubbly as ever and equally annoying. She ran over when she saw us, checking Him for injuries first. I felt something kinda warm run down my upper lip. It hit my tongue with a kind of metallic taste. I touched the trail that started from my nose, to discover it was blood. He broke from her hold and came over to me. His almost wolf-like eyes searched my face for the cause of my spontaneous nose bleed.

“Are you okay? Did you hit something?”

My bright blue eyes searched his, hoping to find relief in them. However, I had no such luck. Roxy pouted from the corner of my eye like she didn’t want me near him. He was my step-brother. We’d be living together. Did she expect me to stay away from him because she had a crush on him? She had a new crush like every other day.

Anyway, when He released my face she was all over Him again. She had this territorial look on her face too like He was her property. Gave me the creeps.

She eventually let go and we headed back to I guess you could call it base camp. The beach, where everyone else was. Josh was still sitting around the fire, thankfully he hadn’t burnt to death yet. The twins were talking in hushed whispers while staring at us like they were talking about us and didn’t want anyone to hear. Josh must have heard us or something because before we got out of the cave, he was on his way over. He had this almost grim look on his face like someone died. That’s almost laughable now.

“The boat was taken out into the sea and torn apart. We tried to get it, but this thick fog rolled in and washed it out further.” He pointed everywhere when he talked and kept himself in tight, compact, frame.

The sea had calmed though and hopefully, a rescue ship would find us. They did, but not all of us made it. An eerie fog had covered the edge of the island, almost like the sea and land were mocking us. Making sure we knew that there was no escape.


Roxy sat by the fire, pouting and muttering about how she wished we could just go home. It was her fault we were there in the first place! I love her, but she could be so annoying at times. At least we were all sober now and she wasn’t grossly hanging off my brother. We should’ve never gone to that island. We were fools and this was our punishment!

I sat down by a rock, overlooking the sea. The fog surrounded me like a blanket. It was cold and wet. The world started to fade again, I was alone. The voices were louder this time. Shouting at me in undignified ways with their broken sentence fragments. One continued to repeat that we were never leaving, another said we were all going to die. A third spoke about three thousand people dying. The screams hurt the worse. I never knew so much pain before this.

The screams stopped and I opened my eyes. I was at mine and Roxy’s fifth-grade play, we did Snow White Jr. I was a tree and Roxy was Snow White, much to the disapproval of our director and the principal. Josh was the evil queen. He was a few years above us, so he looked pretty good for the role. It was our big night, all our families were there. Next to my mom was that little boy though. His golden hair almost glowed in the dark room. I don’t think mom was aware of his presence. I don’t think anyone was. He looked lost and alone.

Their Disappearances


When I woke up, I was on the beach again, Josh, Roxy, and the twins were nowhere to be seen. He was next to me, looking longingly at the sea. His hand was resting on my leg like He wanted to make sure I wouldn’t disappear. It was a soft gesture like He didn’t want me to leave. He must have felt my leg move, because He took his hand off quickly, in an almost embarrassed manner. He was even blushing. My phone broke the silence, sending chills down my spine. Nothing good ever came from my phone ringing on that damned island. The number was unknown, but with the island’s area code. He must’ve noticed my hesitation because he answered it before I had a chance.

After a moment, he pulled the phone away from his ear and put it on speaker. He had this annoyed look on his face. Roxy was on the line, panicking.

“Alice? Hello? Is this a joke? Alice! Alice, if you’re there, I don’t know where I am. There’s food and a desk, but I don’t really know what else. It’s too dark to see. I’m near the ocean though, I can hear the waves crash and smell the salt. Please come get me. I just wanna go home.” she sobbed, His annoyed look turned to pity.

“Listen, Roxy, we’re gonna come get you, but you have to stay calm. Take deep breaths and go to your happy place.” He wasn’t really trying to help, more just getting her to shut up. Who can blame Him? A panicked Roxy does not listen to reason. Did not. Did not listen to reason.

Roxy eventually calmed herself down, but then the phone rang again. A different number, it differed from the first by only a few numbers, but it had the same area code. This one was Josh. We put them in the conference call.

“Stephanie, I have the twins. We’re alright, but we got no idea where the hell we are. It’s some kinda house.”

“How’d you get my number? I swear I never gave it to you.”

“Dorothy knew it. I don’t really know how, but she’s not really talking right now.”

The house was supposedly owned by a woman named Kira Politi, she died of old age way before my time. Roxy was on the other side to Josh, in an old fishing shack. At least that’s what the map Josh found, said. Turns out the house was full of artifacts of the island. We were spread out and scared. Well, Roxy was scared, everyone else was calm and collected.

“Hey, the girls and I will be okay for a while. Go get Roxy. We’ll be waiting.” He was calm as were the twins. Roxy agreed immediately. At least someone was thinking of others before themselves.


He helped me stand up.

“Are you feeling okay? No dizziness? Headache? Nausea?” He looked at the back of my head ‘to check for bleeding’ He was acting really caring. For someone, He barely knew. It was kinda sweet.

He and I set out for the north side of the island. The journey was exhausting and more than a little scary, but I think that’s what excited Him. Though now that I know what would transpire there, I should’ve never agreed to go to that party. I should’ve never brought Him to the party. None of us should’ve have gone to that island. No one ever should.

The Poisoned Mountain


The moon was high in the sky as we approached the base of the mountain, residing in the middle of the island apparently. I don’t remember a mountain being there before. He looked at me, with a look of making sure I was ready. I wasn’t and never would be. I was hungry, cold, scared, and just wanted to go home. So was He. They had to come home with us though.


We were halfway through up the mountain and I was starting to get dizzy and tired. I was shaking and everything was spinning. We found a cave carved out of the mountain and began to climb towards it.

He helped me sit down, making sure I didn’t break anything I suppose. We rested for a while  and I assume I fell asleep because I don’t remember the moon sinking and the sun rising in its place.

My head was on a soft surface, I don’t remember anything soft there. I sat up and looked around. His boots were against the wall as were my shoes. I looked to see what I was laying on and was shocked to see he was laying there. He was just looking at the cave ceiling like he hadn’t slept at all. I was still hungry and felt weak, but I knew I could make it to the other side without passing out. I smiled at him as he sat up.

“Did you sleep at all?” I asked giving him this small awkward smile.

“Not really. I think this island is driving me crazy. I’ve started hearing voices. They kept saying we weren’t gonna make it out alive. Maybe Roxy was right. It is haunted.” He laughed and called himself crazy. I knew He wasn’t crazy, but if I told him the voices were real he’d think I was the crazy one. Wouldn’t he? You agree with my choice not to tell anyone right? I mean you see where it landed me. An asylum having pills thrust in my face every morning and nurses whispering about another ‘Avila victim’ but they never answer my questions about the island. I just want to get out of here. I want to go back to how things were before. Before we went to that island.


The sun was high in the sky when we left the cave. My phone had died during the night and we hadn’t heard from anyone since the previous night and I was getting worried. I had good reason to, now that I look back on it all.

He and I found a path leading to the top of the mountain. I don’t remember it being there before, but I was too exhausted, I probably missed it. The path was wet and slippery, I almost fell a couple of times. It was scorching hot and hadn’t rain for weeks. I should’ve known something wasn’t right. I should’ve thought about it more and maybe, just maybe they would’ve made it out. I was such an idiot, a trusting idiot.


We reached the top of the mountain. Well, we thought it was the top. I don’t know if the mountain was even there to begin with. There were fruit trees. Apples mainly, big juicy red apples. Ripe and ready for picky. He shouldn’t have touched them. Didn’t he know you’re not supposed to give into temptation? He bit into an apple. The inside was black and rotten. He spit it out as the entire apple rotted in his hand. He dropped it with a look of terror on his face. He dropped. His eyes shut and he just laid there. He looked dead, but the air was changing almost like something evil had arrived. That apple killed him. I could’ve helped. I could’ve told him my suspicions. I could’ve kept him from eating that apple. I could’ve kept him from going to this party. It’s all my fault. Their blood is on my hands. I could’ve saved them. I could’ve stopped his body from being torn apart, limb by limb. I could’ve stopped his nails from being torn off his body slowly while he screamed in agony. But I didn’t. I covered my ears and prayed. I prayed to anything out there to make it stop. Make the screams stop. Then everything went black.

Roxy and Beans


It was dark out. I could hear his screams. He was here. Huddled in the corner scared and helpless. I wrapped my thin arms around his muscular frame. He leaned into my touch and stopped screaming. Tears were rolling down his cheek. A shiver ran down my spine as the demonic voice of our tormentor spoke

“He. Has. To. Die. Or. Everyone. Will.”

I didn’t want to let Him go, but I was pulled off of Him as He faded away. I never would get an explanation of what happened to Him after I let go, or what that place was. I can only assume it was where the spirits of the dead may give their final goodbyes. I’ll find out soon.

I’m not allowed to talk about death here. It upsets the other patients. But, I can’t close my eyes without seeing his face, seeing all of their faces. I let them down. They would be alive if I just found some way to just get them off the island. People wouldn’t assume I’m crazy either. I could go back to my life. Roxy and I could go back to being best friends. He could go back to his home. Josh could go back to never speaking to me. Alice and Dorothy could go back to being the creepy twins no one wanted to hang out with. If only I saved them. Maybe I could find some comfort in knowing why he gave up his life for some people he met that night.

I was crying. They weren’t tears of ‘I just lost my brother’ though. They were more passionate. I couldn’t find the perfect emotion for it, still, can’t. But it was like insects in my stomach being stabbed while trying to fly out. I just wanted to puke. I didn’t have anything to puke up though. I screamed. At anything. Everything. Begging for him back. I didn’t though. He is gone. He’s never coming back. None of them are. I remember a feeling of helplessness then courage and then just a need to get out. I needed to find Roxy and help her. I couldn’t save him, maybe I could save her.  I buried His body in a shallow grave and started off again.

Everything was dark, then it was like I was being thrown through space. I was safely on the ground. The mountain behind me. Like I was never there. I was closer to Roxy though. I started my trek towards her once again. This time alone, afraid, and ready to just give up and die. As I walked, I kept feeling someone watching me, but I wrote it off as my mind playing tricks. After everything I had just gone through it made sense that my head would be messing with me. I was so stupid.


A building had come into view. It was the fishing shack where Roxy was. It was just over the horizon. That’s when it appeared. The monster in my brothers’ form. His once amber eyes now soot black. His once tan skin now deathly pale. The demon had his voice. His voice once soft, was now rough and raw. It called out to me. That thing knew my name. I tried to run, but I was frozen by fear. It embraced me. It was freezing cold. I tried to get away, but it was stronger. The air left my lungs as it’s grip tightened. After three years of living in this tiny bland room. Only paper and pencils to keep me company. I can still remember the feeling of its arms crushing my body. Feeling my body go limp and give out. I remember the feeling of my eyelids falling as everything went dark.


When I opened my eyes, the sunset colored the sky. I was weak and unable to stand. The earth was cold and hard. I found myself missing the comfort of home. My eyelids grew heavy once more and I slipped into a deep sleep.

The sun shining into my eyes is what woke me. My head was throbbing. Roxy was probably worried sick. I was shaky and terrified, but I soldiered on. At least that’s what I told myself. In truth, I was terrified and was ready to give up, but the thought of never seeing Roxy again drove me. I loved her, quirks and all. She was there for me and I was there for her. We supported each other through everything. We were closer than sisters. We officially met in 6th grade, we had some classes together before, it was right after my dad left. She went by Chad at that time. Neither of us really had any friends, mainly kept to ourselves. If we had to pair up for assignments, we always paired up together. Through freshman year we were inseparable. It was a strange time for us, I was coming to terms with my bisexuality and she was beginning her transition. We were always there for each other.  


I got to the building around mid-day. The sun beating down on me. I was tired, sweaty, and ready to give up. The shack was by the coast, at the bottom of a muddy hill that I got stuck in more than once.  Roxy was there. I could see the top of her head from the window. I remember the doorknob being cold, even though the sun was shining down directly on it. It was almost as if the entire building was trapped in some winter paradise. Paradise isn’t the right word, no more like a frozen hell. That’s what that entire island is, Hell on Earth. I lost more there than I knew I had. And for what purpose. I’m stuck in a padded room, restricted to two visitors a day. My friends are dead, and no one believes me. I just get pills handed to me. At least my nurse is friendly, he tells me tales of dragons and giants. Though he talks to me like I’m a child. I’m nineteen, not a freaking child. I guess it’s to be expected though I was admitted when I was sixteen. Nobody wants to believe a sixteen-year-old telling them about ghosts and demons killing their friends, especially when no one remembers those friends.


I remember Roxy was shivering when she hugged me. Her body was cold as ice. She was crying. Her teeth were chattering, it was like she was out in the snow without any winter gear on. The shack was radiating this chill. We should’ve never gone to this infernal island. I held her close. I had already lost one friend. I wasn’t about to lose another. Too bad I lost them all instead.

The Highway to Hell


Roxy showed me a tunnel she had found that led underground, it was dark, as though no light was able to creep into it, it made me shiver. She found the blueprints too, they were hidden in a corner, by a shelf and a table, it was supposed to lead to the other side of the island. It seemed kinda too coincidental, but I did not want to cross this entire island in the blistering heat again.

Roxy and I sat in the shack for a bit, there was a fireplace, and some canned beans, we lit it, with some old matches Roxy had found near the beans and started heating them up. It felt so good to have something in my stomach, that wasn’t alcohol.

We spent maybe an hour there, just resting and talking. I told her what happened to Him. She was a little pissed, but she understood. I had no other choice. I was never given a chance to save Him! It wasn’t my choice! I couldn’t have saved Him! You believe me right? After a while, she didn’t. You know I couldn’t save Him, right? She thought I could’ve. I did what I had to do to stay alive. To make it here and tell this story. To let the people know the truth. Even though it got me locked away.

I still believe that the island is cursed and it took them like it took so many others. I knew we couldn’t have been the first. It wasn’t possible. The nurses' whispers and the legends about the island. They were true, weren’t they? So many lost their lives to that deadly place. So many lost souls. Gone.

I can still remember the wet tunnels on my skin. The walls were cracked and leaking. I suppose they were used for miners or maybe the inhabitants of the island used them to transport goods from the port inland. I still wonder what happened to them. Families, men, women, children that just disappeared. No one would talk about it for years, the children made stories about it. Stories became legends. They were passed down by word of mouth. Changing over the years like a sick game of telephone. Until no one talked about them, but everyone knew them. I suppose I’ll never know the truth. Hopefully, someone will. Someday.


The tunnel was long, or maybe it wasn’t. Without the sun and the sky, we didn’t know the time. My phone was dead. We had no way to contact anyone. We were stranded in that hellish nightmare. {Describe journey here} When we reached the other side, the sun was setting. Rocks were everywhere. We were on another beach. The tunnels led us out of a cave, to a dock or a port or something like that. We were on the island still, the fog told us that. Not literally of course, thankfully. I had enough of those voices. If only I could get my hands on them, twist their necks around till they were gone. They took everything from me! My friends! My freedom! The trust of my family! Hell, they took my sanity!

Their Deaths and My Regret


I should finish the story now, shouldn’t I? That’s what I’m here to do anyway. Tell you the truth.

Well, Roxy and I explored for a bit to find out where we were. There were rocks and the rush of water coming from just around the corner, and a hill. Turns out we were right where we wanted to be. Jeff and the twins were only a short walk away. In a mansion of sorts in the hill. The walk was boring, Roxy didn’t want to talk because she was too busy being angry or depressed or some emotion, about her precious crush being taken away. Like I didn’t feel too! Loved her, but she was so annoying when it came to guys. I know you’re not supposed to let guys or girls get in the way of friendship, but she was so, I don’t even know the word for it.

I guess you could call me bitchy for saying this about my best friend, but don’t you get it! I watched as some demon ripped her heart out and threw it at my feet! I saw her parents walk through town with smiles on their faces like they didn’t even realize their daughter was killed! The town declared me insane and my mother locked me up in this asylum! No one will talk to me! They all think my friends and my brother never existed! They keep telling me that they weren’t real! They keep saying that I was alone on the island! That I suffered a psychotic break and was hallucinating! That I was delusional! I was forced to kill two people and watch as my best friend was murdered! Do you think I wanted to watch them bleed to death before me? Call me a bitch! Call me anything you want, but understand I watched them all die.


We should get back to the story before I end it. The house was beautiful, but it was decaying. The ground reclaimed it. Jeff and the twins came out to greet us. It wasn’t them though. Their eyes were dead and hollow. They were alive, just almost like unconscious. I thought they were dead though. They looked like it. Their skin was pale and pasty. Their smiles were devilish. Roxy went towards them like she couldn’t feel the wickedness in the air. I started to walk backwards. I needed to get out of before I lost someone else. I was running. They were expecting that. The twins were in front of me. Blocking my way. Jeff behind me. Their laughter vibrated the air. It made me sick. How could they laugh after they killed him? When they themselves are dead. Bastards. They just kept laughing. I covered my ears, but I could still hear it. I can still hear it. The hell they put me through. I see it every time I close my eyes. Sometimes I can taste the dirt and the blood that washed out of my mouth years ago. I wish they killed me with them. I wish I died in their place. I can’t change the past though. I can only share it and hope that no one repeats my mistakes. God help them if they do.


I have to hurry before the nurses come to bring me dinner. It'll be over by then. The laughter increased as the demons let them go, but they didn’t leave. They gave me a large kitchen knife and a choice. Kill either the twins or John. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to. If I didn’t all three would die. Oh God, they were so confused. They looked so frightened and fragile. One jab and they’d be bleeding out. The demons were rushing me, so I went for the first one I could. The blade plunged into Dorothy’s stomach, but she was still standing. She gave me this look of curiosity. Everyone else was gasping and in shock. She just asked what happened in this soft and innocent voice. Then she noticed the blood. She laughed at first like it was a joke. I pulled the blade out with a suction sound I will never forget. I drove it into her left breast, with a lot more force, breaking ribs to allow me to pierce her heart. She screamed and tried to fight me. She scratched me. I still have the scars. When I brought the blade out it was covered with dripping red blood. It was just falling out of her, like a waterfall. Taking someone's life is something you’ll never forget. Alice tried to get the knife away, but that’s when I drove it into her heart. She went down quicker.

Blood stained the ground. I dropped the knife and fell to my knees. I was sickened by the thought of what I had done, yet slightly thrilled by it. The feeling of controlling if someone lived or died. It was exhilarating. The voices were laughing. I don’t know whether at me or with me. John helped me stand up, he brought me into the house. Roxy was avoiding me. Rightfully so, I had just killed two of her friends, in front of her. I had gotten some of the blood spray in my mouth, it was metallic and delicate. It tasted like power, I was a god. . .


Jeff gave me a glass of water to rinse the blood out of my mouth. The water was still running to the house since last time they tried to turn it off, all the workers vanished. No one knows where they went or what happened. I think I have a pretty good guess. At least Jeff wasn’t treating me any differently. He was still as cold as ever. To be honest I kinda hated him. Roxy kept asking me why I did it, but what could I tell her? Would she believe me? The answer’s no. If I told her that these demons were tormenting me forcing me to do things. She laughed at me and called me crazy. I guess it’s true now. My sanity has gone out the window. Spend three years locked in an empty room with only yourself to keep you company and a notebook. You’d go crazy to.


We rested for a while. John buried the twins. Roxy sat alone in the corner, glaring at me. Like I wanted to do that! I had no choice! Jason understood that. He understood that I had to. He understood me and my torture.

Back to the Beach


We headed out of the house around the morning. We spent the night there. It had been three days, maybe four since we’ve been here and only three of us remain. Roxy still wouldn’t talk to me. My clothes were blood-soaked and my hands trembled. Jeff was watching over both of us, for a guy with a fake ID and willing to bring a bunch of teenagers alcohol he was responsible. I think he was like the class president or something. I don’t really remember, I had never really talked to him before the island or at the island either. Yeah, I saw him around town and school, but he just looked like the average teenager. Then again you can never really tell someone by their appearance. Didn’t seem like he had a lot of friends though. I only ever saw him with one guy. He was this super gay football captain, Zach was his name. I never talked to him or really hung around with him. Not my crowd.

There was a full moon that night. It reflected beautifully on the lake. The only beauty on this wretched island. There was a crunch, like a twig being broken, from the thick patch of trees near us. He walked out of them, pushing branches aside. Roxy jumped up and ran over to him, hugging him and sobbing about what I had done. I didn’t trust that thing, it wasn’t Him. He just smiled at me, like he knew what I had done. I suppose He did. They did. I felt my skin crawl as He brushed Roxy off and walked closer to me. Jack watched in awe as that thing wrapped His arms around me. I tried to struggle, but it held me tighter. When he did let me go, Roxy slapped me. It stung, I gotta give her that. When she’s pissed you’d know it. She started screaming about how I lied to her. Asking how could I leave Him by Himself on this island. I couldn’t get a word in, so I just listened. She stopped eventually and continued to glare at me from across the way. She was so childish sometimes. It was cute when we weren’t all about to die, right now it was just irritating. So I was never the best at being social or making friends, and I found flaws in everyone, sue me.

I don’t like people and it’s not like anyone's gonna take me seriously now anyways. They all think I’m crazy or a druggie. They think I stole the boat and rowed it to the island all by myself while highly intoxicated. They think I drank all that alcohol by myself and then laid there on the beach for days without food or fresh water and started hallucinating due to dehydration. They think I killed a wild animal and that’s how I got covered in blood. They think I made it all up, that I was “looking for attention” and “faked it to be famous” they don’t know. None of them will ever know what really happened there. They won’t believe it anyway.


The moon was fading in the sky as the sun peeked over the horizon. I didn’t sleep. Not with that thing with us. He didn’t sleep either. It was just an intense staring contest all night as it watched me. Roxy curled up on Him in her sleep. I don’t care what she thought, that thing had one mission. Kill us all. He was dead and never coming back. Neither were the twins. That island breeds killers. Everything that stepped foot on its beaches became monsters. No one was spared.

We left when the sun was fully visible. Josh was tripping over everything though. Twigs, rocks, his own two feet. It was weird, he was so composed and nonchalant. To see him tripping all the way was weird. It was almost as if Josh wasn’t Josh anymore. Something was going on if only I knew it sooner. We never should’ve come to this stupid island. It was all Roxy’s fault. It was her stupid idea to go there. It was her idea to have the party. It was her idea for me to go. I wanted to stay at home and watch movies. But no I had to go to a stupid party where all my stupid friends got killed. It was my idea to bring Him. It was me who killed the twins. It was me. I’m to blame. I allowed everyone to die. I let their lives slip through my fingers like sand. I should’ve stopped them. Should’ve saved them. I could’ve saved them. It’s all my fault. Everything that's happened since we went to the island, their deaths, my incarceration, I could've stopped it. I could've ignored those demons and kept my mouth shut. Then they'd be alive and everyone would remember. I wouldn't have to watch my mother marry a man who doesn't remember he has a son, or watch Roxy's parents use what was her room as storage because they forgot. They didn't forget though. It was those demons. They made everyone forget. It's their fault I'm in here, and their dead. It’s their fault!


We made it back to the mountain, at least where the mountain was supposed to be. I could've sworn there was a mountain there. I climbed it, with Him. It's where He died. Where he was buried. That island played tricks on us though. Used us to feed their anger and hatred. Manipulated us into not trusting one another and murdering each other. They knew we wouldn't make it off the island alive. We should've listened. We were foolish teenagers looking for some fun. Instead, we found Death looking for new toys to play with. Roxy called me a liar again and curled up onto that things chest. I would do anything to go back and scream "it's not him" and keep her safe. To rip her off of Him. To stab Him. It wouldn't do too much good though. They want all of us dead. Their job’s not done until everyone from our group is dead. They won't have to wait much longer though.


We set up camp for the night, getting back to the mountain took most of the daylight, Roxy refused to leave that things side. It was utterly disgusting. I think I liked it better when she was making googly eyes at my brother. Jack sat by the fire, just watching the flames flicker and the wood pop.

I closed my eyes, just for a moment, but when I opened them. Jake's body was covered in flies. He died in the night. His eyes were wide open, what was left of them anyway. Blood dripped from his nose. The back of his head was bleeding and smashed. That thing might've killed him. Roxy was horrified when she found him, made me bury the body. It was only Roxy and me left and we still had to make it back to the beach. That thing wasn't leaving anytime soon either. It was almost as if it was there to watch me and make sure I did as they wanted and to make sure their plan wasn't interrupted. I had no intention of stopping them though. I had felt what they felt, the pain of losing everything important to you and the rush of taking another's life. Looking back now, I was as bad as they were. Worse actually. I had taken another's life, they were trying to make people understand, I was a murderer. I am a murderer.


We continued our travels as soon as he was buried. It was silent as we journeyed, no one wanted to talk. That thing kept smirking at me as we hiked. Roxy glared at me every chance she got. We’d witnesses a horror no one should ever have to see. The death of our closest friends. Friends turned foe. If she made it off the island, nothing would’ve been the same.


We reached the beach in the dead of night. The moon cast an eerie glow on Its face. You could almost see Its skeleton.

We got a fire going, a large one. Large enough for a passing ship to see. It was hard without Josh’s help. Freaking pyromaniac. The fog however made it impossible to see anything passed the sea line. Clouds covered the sky, a storm brewing. We took shelter in the cave. The cave that started this all. I could still see the impression of our bodies from that night. Almost as if they were frozen in the sand. The island holding onto them as a reminder of what was. Of the people it destroyed. Like cave paintings from early man, or fossils from dinosaurs. Our own impression to go down in history. The rain came down, drowning the fire and the sand. Like God himself was angry. Angry at us. At me.  


It rained all night, Roxy fell asleep curled up under Its arm. I couldn’t sleep, not with that thing watching me. It felt like Death herself was watching my every move, looking deep into my soul. Seeing my heart, my wants, desires. It gave me this creepy smile like it knew I was watching it. Its hand began to lightly brush Roxy’s dirty hair out of her face like a loving boyfriend would do. Except Its eyes stayed on me the entire time, with that smile plastered on. I could see it in that thing’s eyes. It wanted to snap her neck. It looked almost hungry.

The Grand Finale    


The rain had stopped sometime during the night. The ground was muddy and sloshed under our weight. New impressions to be frozen in time.

I opened my eyes, the moon was hanging low in the sky, casting light into the cave. Roxy was standing in the mouth of the cave. Her eyes were glassy, she looked unconscious. Like Jake and the Twins did when the demons had control of them.

“It’s all your fault! We’re dead because of you!” she screamed at me, blood dripping from her eyes like tears. She started to rise into the air. A red glow emitted from her. Her chest burst, ribs cracking and splitting so precise you’d think a doctor did it. The demons pulled on her heart and pulled and pulled. They pulled until her heart gave and ripped from her chest. Throwing it at my feet. It was still beating. Sometimes, I can still hear it. The beats slowing down, as it died. She was right, it’s my fault. That’s why I have to die. Their souls can rest once I die. Right? It’s my fault this happened, so if I die. It ends it. I hope.

I woke with the sun in my eyes, sweat dripping from my face. That thing was burning Roxy’s corpse, her chest ripped open. There was blood on the cave floor, a path leading up to the rekindled fire from where she had died in my dream. The fog cleared with her death. I was the only one alive. It turned to me, a cruel smile on its face before black fog began to expel itself from His body. He went limp, landing in the fire, on top of Roxy’s searing flesh. I buried His burnt body and the rest of hers. I had buried my only friend.


I was hunched over their grave. Their flesh had seared together so I had to bury them that way. Tears slid down my cheeks, my only friend was dead.

“You rotten bastards! You murdered them!” I screamed into the nothingness. I wasn’t expecting an answer. My phone started beeping.

“Hello, child.” It was broken radio voices. Like the first phone call. I was being pulled into the cave, resisting just hurt.

It brought me to this other world. It was hellish, they were all there, even the workers. I could see Roxy, the twins, Jeff, and Him in the back. They were trapped in a type of cage, being tortured. I couldn’t reach them. They smiled at me like they were one being. The one in the middle stepped forward. I threw my fist towards him, but it went right through. It started laughing. Then they all were laughing.

“Stop laughing at me! You murdered them! Monsters!”

“We’re not the monster Stephanie. You are.” they all spoke in unison, it was a horror movie style. I’m not the monster, am I? They made me do everything I did. It wasn’t me. It was them. They just kept laughing at me.

“Stop it! You made me do everything. I didn’t want to. You murdered my friend.”

I covered my ears and tears slid down my face, mumbling ‘stop it’ but they didn’t.       


It was noon by the time a ship saw the fire, I was fatigued, dirty, and scarred. Nothing would ever be the same. Nothing was.

I called my mom from the boat.


“Hi, mom.”

“Stephanie, you’re okay! You were gone for so long, I thought you ran away.”

“Don’t you remember I went to a party?” she didn’t. No one did.

The fishermen who picked me up were from a town a little up shore, they were nice enough to give me water and bits to eat. They called the cops, who greeted me when I got back to shore. Roxy’s parents weren’t there, neither were the twins or Jeff’s. That’s when I was sure nobody remembered them. His father didn’t remember who He was.

That’s why I was put in this place. I kept trying to get them to remember. Remember their children and the party. Remember what happened. Those things that took away my only friend, took my life and my freedom too. The town thinks I’m crazy. But I’m not. I’m not sick. You have to believe me. I’m not delusional, it all happened. All my friends died, some of them by my hand. I watched them bleed out and I buried their bodies. I am not crazy! Am I?

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