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The Dark Elaborated

By: ryanizadi
Dec. 7, 2018
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The Dark Elaborated 12-6-18 I feel like a star that flickered away Forgotten about during the day Never looked at, lost amongst other stars Never a wish taken as it flys across the sky Just taken for granted as it passes by I feel like a sun that cannot shine during the day Covered by the clouds, dark and gray Missed during those moments that day Forgotten about until there is rain Never really understood its potency And all it does and have done There is the moon and there is the sun. It’s hard to know light when there isn’t darkness. I feel like a bird with wings that cannot fly Trying to take flight in the darkened sky As it is supposed to do and to be But it’s different; that’s what others see And it feels left out and alone I tried to be better, its just too late Maybe it signed, its sealed this fate I just wanted to be me and only me And that you would love what you feel and see I’m sorry for what I am I never wanted to do anything wrong I just really, only wanted to belong The only mistake is I can’t love enough And that makes it tough Because I loved you the best I could It must have not been right I’m sorry I caused this fight I’m tired of being alone Nobody to talk to on the phone You were my only friend And now it’s over; it’s the end I’m tired of being in this pain Its like the same story over again Please, please don’t leave me here This is my greatest fear. But we both knew the end was near To me, you were so dear You knew this is not the journey I wanted to embark I am scared of the dark.

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