Spark your stories.

Are you a writer seeking ways to actually develop your writing skills and reach the right audience? A reader frustrated with discovering stories you like, let alone on publishing platforms that host so many derivative, low quality pieces? Both? Come, let's spark your stories.
We're a team of readers and writers, so we created Prolitfic to help others supercharge their writing and reading experiences. Like other online writing sites, any user can create an account and upload work in chapter-length installments for others to read and review. Here's how we're different:


We have a tiered review system--users can rate the quality of others' feedback, which affects their user level. Engage through leaving and receiving thoughtful, actionable reviews, and you can advance from Spark (level 1) through Luminary (level 5.)


We have feedback analytics to capture data on your reading audience, such as common trends in reviews. Writers use these insights to refine writing and promotion strategies.
Here's what your readers are talking about.


Publishing your work among talented writers earns you credibility when seeking publication. We have agents, editors, and publishers in our network. Top writers, reviewers, and competition winners are regularly featured to wide audiences.


We're working on our algorithm to show you works you'd like. And like YouTube's "Watch Later," you'll have your own Bookshelf for those titles and authors you want to save for later.



We have officially soft launched! Join our Facebook fiction writing resources group (external submission/award opportunities, master lists, monthly competitions, author/publisher interviews, beta testing opportunities, etc.) We send out monthly newsletter updates with what we've been up to, so sign up to be in the know. If you're interested in working with us, spreading the word, or have any questions, contact us at!