Community Guidelines


  1. You must leave at least one review if you're posting a work. If not, we'll have to take it down to discourage people from dropping work and peacing out.
  2. Leave fair, actionable feedback—don't shy away from honest criticism. We're all mature enough. The quality (helpfulness, thoughtfulness) of your feedback will be rated by fellow participants, and we will take note of those who leave the best quality reviews. Below is an example comment, which has justification for the rating (strong voice, clear motives, stylistic choices, etc) and specific, actionable ways to improve the writing style.
    See Rating Rubric below.
  3. I thought the premise was intriguing, but some of the descriptions were long-winded and drew me out of the story. You have a strong voice and likeable main character, but I’m not sure I buy his motivation for licking the velociraptor. I’d work on concision—a lot of the details you have aren’t necessary in that they don’t move the plot forward, and your sentences often get unwieldy (also try varying your sentence structure!)
  4. Treat others the way you want to be treated, i.e. like a human being. Be friendly and respectful! We emphasize honesty, but we don't condone bullying in any form. Report any violations to [email protected]


  1. No fanfiction. There's nothing wrong with it, but we're focusing on original work because such pieces get neglected on other sites. Try to keep it around 5,000 words or you might not get much activity for now.
  2. Please submit appropriate pieces, i.e. no gratuitous sexual content (a general rule of thumb is it must be relevant to and advance the plot and not be there for its own sake.)
  3. Writers retain rights to their own work.


5 stars: Exemplary
Exemplary pieces clearly have a distinct style and a consistent tone/POV. They effectively and imaginatively use figurative language to support a strong thesis/theme. While they are sophisticated in their diction or impressive in their control of language, they are not flawless. An otherwise exemplary work with too many typos cannot earn 5 stars.
4 stars: Effective
Effective pieces have an evident style and a mostly consistent tone/POV. They adequately use figurative language to support a clear thesis. They are well-written but demonstrate less control than exemplar, as they may contain more lapses but show a generally consistent command of language. An otherwise effective work with too many typos cannot earn 4 stars.
3 stars: Adequate
Adequate pieces are struggling to find their voice and are sometimes inconsistent in tone/POV. There is little evidence of figurative language and/or the thesis is weak. The writing is simplistic and immature, with frequent mechanical errors.
2 stars: Needs work
Pieces that need work display no evidence of a distinct, consistent style and tone. The many mechanical errors or fallacies distract from the content, resulting in difficulty reading/understanding.
1 stars: Poor
Poor works are difficult to understand due to the overwhelming number of mechanical errors or fallacies.


We want to ensure your pieces get the attention and engagement they deserve. Having too many works on /Read at once is overwhelming and some works fall to the wayside. We want your pieces to be seen in a quality, learning community geared toward improvement.
That’s why we’re trying out an Archive Cycle: works that receive at least 3 ratings/reviews that average < 3.5 AND have been up at least a week will be temporarily archived (NOT deleted.) You’ll be able to see your reviews and work analytics, and you can take the feedback to revise and reupload your work. We want to emphasize improvement and encourage fluid visibility--the bar is subject to change depending on what everyone thinks.


Prolitfic users start with Spark (level 1) and level up based on their activity in reviewing and uploading work. The more highly rated your reviews and your work are, the more points you earn toward your next level. The higher your user level, the more heavily your feedback will be weighted.
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