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August Fiction Competition Winners

Nov. 18, 2018, 3:20 p.m.
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As our Facebook group members know, we’ve been hosting short story competitions every month to showcase the amazing writers that are part of the Prolitfic community.

To celebrate the curiosity within every writer, the theme of Prolitfic’s first short story competition was “exploration.” Contestants crafted works exploring people, ideas, worlds—with writing, not even the sky’s the limit.

The 1st place winner, Charlie Reed, won for his story Rodent, and 2nd place went to A.W. Moore for his story Yalie Trash. “Rodent” tells the gritty yet comic story of a rat infestation that has wider implications. “Yalie Trash” invites us into the world of David, a top graduate from a low-income high school who is accepted into the prestigious Yale University, as he navigates his first semester at one of the most elite universities in the world, far away from his old neighborhood. Both stories accomplish what great storytelling strives for—not only exploring new and familiar territory, but also encouraging readers to join the exploration as well.

Of course, we can’t forget to credit the brilliant man who read submissions and provided invaluable feedback to the 2018 August Fiction Competition winners, Dr. Brian Doherty. A senior lecturer in the University of Texas at Austin’s English Department, Dr. Doherty’s works have contributed to increased interest in global world literature.

Writers and readers alike know the inescapable pull to explore— and writing allows us adventures right in our living rooms. Stories allow us to explore the fascinating, the banal, and everything in-between. Let these works show you something you’ve never been before. Let the “exploration” begin.

Charlie Reed recently moved home to Austin after 30 years of nomadding. An English Lit graduate of Penn State, Charlie has done everything from journalism to carpentry, and worked in the corporate world as a writer, photographer, trainer, web designer, and occasional cook for Olympic athletes in Athens and Beijing. His Pushcart-nominated anti-war short story, “Conduct After Capture,” is currently ranked in Amazon Kindle’s top 3 million, though we all hope that improves.

A.W. Moore is a father, husband, teacher, and writer from Houston, TX. His favorite topics to explore are family and addiction. A.W.'s writing takes place in the late hours of the night, with a glass of bourbon in his hand, after putting his son to bed, and before waking up to encourage an interest, among teenagers, in molecules.  

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