Nov. 2, 2019
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Yusuf, lived for years in the house of Zulekha, a woman of beauty, power and influence. Day in and day out, Zulekha was exposed to his physical allure, a composition so stunning that it has been claimed he was blessed with half of all beauty given to mankind.  Zulekha suppressed her desire for Yusuf until she could no longer control it.  She waited until her husband left the home. Alone with Yusuf, she locked the doors and called him to fulfill her lust. 

[After locking the doors] Zulekha attempts to seduce Yusuf.  She beautifies herself in the most attractive of ways and says:
“Oh Yusuf! You have the most handsome of faces.”  Yusuf, sensing what Zulekha is attempting to do, replies, “This is how my Lord fashioned me in the womb.”

“Oh Yusuf!"she says, “You have the finest of hair!”  "It will be the first portion of me to wither in my grave," he replies.





Her attempt to seduce him was fruitless, and his desire to remind her of God was falling on a deaf heart.

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