Honey, Darling

Nov. 21, 2019
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I love you, dearest,

But I could never fill you,

Your heart is a void

And though I've been here,

Waiting for the day you see,

Your eyes remain shut.

I wish you would wake

So that you would feel your breath

Once more in your lungs.

But, my dearest love,

I cannot force your eyes part

For your fate is yours.

And I shall look on,

Waiting, hoping for your love,

It is up to you.




Will this be my fate?

To love from afar, always,

And be heartbroken.

Again and again

I will watch you fall in love

Again and again,

And I will be there,

Always watching over you,

Running to their arms,

Picking up pieces

In aftermath of lost love,

Silently yearning.




Your skin, soft, pliant,

Warms at my touch, and I breathe,

Biting and sucking.

Your skin will darken

At the mercy of my teeth,

Though I am no fool.

But maybe I am,

To put myself at mercy

Of the greatest pain.

For you control it,

My heart, my being, is yours

Though you don't know it.

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