Questions Are Why Angels Fall

May 19, 2020
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Is this what is was like
for satan to fall?

To march across the barren road of perfection, shattering beneath his feet
In nothing but a silk blazer and leather boots
That marked his pride like a mockery?

Is this what it was like
When Satan first left the haven of hell?

To have to build a treacherous road, black and crackling-- reflecting his own broken state in some sort of blasphemy?
To have to wander down the bleak abyssal chaos

That bridged the world between solid freedom
and fragile perfection?

Better to reign in hell
than serve in heaven
they say

And I think they're right
Because heaven's perfection is thin as glass
The moment you ask a question
it shatters all around you as the infernal truth mars the golden gate
like tar on fleece

Except there was never any fleece

only tar

God just pulled the wool over my eyes for too long for me to tell the difference

Is this what it was like
Wandering into the garden?

Watching the bountiful tree of knowledge
Next to the barren tree of fragile perfection?

Is this what it was like
longing to rediscover the power that you had locked away
so deep inside of you?

Is this what it was like
wanting to help others
find their power
and find their truth

Is this what it was like
watching the thin, glass branches shimmer in the sunlight
And the full, pulchritude of apples-- shining in sanguine marble?

Is this what it was like
Taking the first bite?
The smooth feeling of knowledge
more filling than any of the hollow, glass fruit of perfection?

Is this what it was like
When Satan first fell from heaven?

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