And Yes I Said

May 19, 2020
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Love is a curse that bewitches the heart

Love is a blessing that brings the heart to salvation

Love is a sigil written in the dead of the night
stained with your tears begging and trite

Love is the waxy cord melting under onyx flames
a cold dark weight once there, now gone
with the ashes swept away, you can finally breathe again

Love is the drug that the greeks called ambrosia
It gives you a rush like no other
The kind that kills man
But the Gods call dinner

Love is the Lotus that lulled odysseus' men
into carnal sleep
to the point that they must be born again
As they weep

Love is soaring on eagles wings
makes you feel like a god
untethered, free

Love can melt under the scrutiny of true gods
then you're crashing
makes you feel like a devil
chained to guilt

Love is death
Love is life
Just ask persephone and hades

Love is that dream you just woke up from that's so good but you don't know why

Love is the nightmare you run from each morning
the threats unknown
but the terror still growing

Love is that nameless feeling you feel
When the world is nothing but you are everything
That euphoric rush of this is where I belong

Love is that nervous twinge in your gut
because you know that feeling fades
No matter what

Love is fresh blood on your hands
A knife in your heart
A stain on your soul

Love is atonement
Like bleach on hot ashes
Still human
just no longer bent to a gods will

Love is the blindfold you beg for in bed
Love is the light you see when you’re dead

Love is what made Achilles a hero
Love is what made Juno a monster
Love is why Achilles was found in hell
Love is why Juno was the queen of Olympus

Love is sweet kisses in midnights fleeting joy
Love is the fact that we're just two men as god had made us

Love is fake
Love is real
Just ask Molly Bloom
She'll say no
then yes she said yes she will say it so

Love is innocence
Dancing in forest light
Love is guilt
Sodomy in a temple
at night

Love is the nothing I need to complain about
Love is the everything that I never speak of

Love is forgetting all words except 'more'
Love is needing to be shut up because you say too much

Love is what burns cities to the ground
Love is what kept Penelope standing
Love is what kills Dido and Basil and Sethe
No matter what
Their Beloved still holds the knife
No matter what

Love almost killed Claudine
Love almost killed Cellie
Love almost killed Renee and her Cheri too
But they realized that the word eternal is fleeting
Especially when kissed down cold spines
With searing lips

Love can bring people to their knees
But it can also bring someone to shove you down

Love always was
Love never was
Just ask Winston and Big Brother and Julia too

Love is mercy
Love is degradation
Just ask Dante about his visit to Beatrice

Love is magic
Love is real
Love is Hecate destroying apartments
Just ask the Master how he likes his Margarita

Love is hellfire scorching your soul
Love is holy water cooling your heart
Just ask the book seller
And the... nanny?

Love is gold and silver and the stone in medusa's eyes
Just ask what it was like
to be turned to art
By your admirer

Your imperfections will shatter like porcelain
Tear like a canvas
Die like a tragedy
Just Ask Daisy
And Dorian
And Romeo, too

Love is what brought thousands to salvation
Love is what brought Satan Sin and Damnation

Love is what made Lilith run from Adam
Love of herself and preservation

Love takes
Love gives
Just ask for my favorite number

Love kills
Love lives
Just ask any Greek, or Roman

Love dies
Love is invincible
Though only for a second

Love is the chaos that Lucifer spun
paved the road to Eden
Though his journey just begun

Love is the water
That coiled into nothing
And then into creation

Love is evil
Love is good
Just ask Eve, the expert

Love is sweet
Love is bitter
Just ask any of Claudine's lovers
Regardless of whether or not
They still taste her on their lips

Love is Lolita tripping down the criminals tongue
Love is Lolita's corpse finally found
Love is what killed Lolita
But was it love?
If so,
which love killed her
the perv or the saint?
I can't tell the difference

Love is what Alex never got
Love is what Hannibal never had
Love is what Torrance lost
Love is what Julia found
(no, the other one)

Love is anything you want
But nothing you have
Like money
and happiness

Love is what lies
Love is what confesses
Love is caprices
Love is solid yesses

Love love love love
I could go on
maybe about a dead dove
or a living raven?

No, poe already got that one

the sea and the lee and all that he wrote

is there anything else for me to write
or should I just keep on wrote

maybe im done
maybe im not
maybe this is falling apart
maybe its not
that's the true nature of love
you see

you never know
until you meet me









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