Aug. 18, 2020
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This is a part two to the short story before this one; 'Ticking'. Hope you enjoy it!!




I squint my eyes before closing them as a blinding white light fills my sight. I blink a number of times before I can open my eyes, though I still squint as I look around the white room. I frown as everything starts coming back to me; the car, the horrible sound of crushing metal and breaking glass, the loud sirens of ambulances, the agonising pain that I felt... April. I remember seeing her in the other car... did she get hurt? Did she die? I was driving to meet her... we collided. It was an accident, but did she blame herself? Was it my fault?


I wince as a sudden, loud shrill comes from beside me as someone calls out for a doctor, and the warmth from my left-hand is taken away. It's only then that I realise someone had been holding my hand. I look over at the brunette woman, who greets the doctor with a smile, exclaiming to him that I'm awake. My eyes follow the doctor as he walks over to me, holding one of those torches and shining the bright light into my eyes, causing me to squint more than I already was.


My frown deepens; I can't talk because there's a tube in my mouth... are they going to take it out? I can see his mouth moving as he talks... but I can't exactly hear what he's saying. I'm too busy thinking about the accident. I look over to Nina, who nods as she thanks the doctor repeatedly. I too attempt to nod to act as if I had heard what the doctor had said, only to stop and wince in pain. I look back to the doctor, who gives me a sympathetic smile before walking out of the room, then my widened eyes again go over to the brunette girl who turns to me, a wide grin on her face.


She walks over to me, taking my hand in hers as she mutters how glad she is that I'm okay. I look around the room again, looking for someone; my mum... where is my mum? And April, what happened to April... is she okay? It was the one thought I couldn't get out of my head... April had to be okay. I take a deep breath, closing my eyes and letting my head sink into the pillow as I unintentionally picture the accident.


I was driving along, tapping against the steering wheel to the tune of the song on the radio; it was another stupid song about a guy partying and drinking, and doing drugs and making out with girls. Those songs always annoyed me, but it was better than silence because silence allowed for thinking, and right at this moment, I didn't want to think about anything. I would be seeing my best friend soon enough, and I would be able to rant to her about my annoying girlfriend who had gotten upset with me over the littlest thing yet again, and I would be able to listen to the advice she would give me, a smile on her face as she mixed her hot chocolate around with the striped paper straw that was in the glass. April was always the best at giving out advice, even when we were teenagers.


She'd look up at me, through those tinted-black eyelashes, with those big, chocolate brown eyes of hers and she'd tell me that I needed to apologise to Nina because that's the best way to end a fight with someone as impossible as her, and then she'd add a 'no offence' to the end, because that was April... she never wanted to offend anyone, or hurt anybody's feelings. I would of course argue about how I shouldn't be the one to apologise, because I always have to apologise for everything and she'd tell me that there were two options; apologise or end the relationship. That's always how our conversations about Nina ended... they always came to the same conclusion, and April always gave the same piece of advice; apologise.


And I'd always apologise, because I knew I couldn't break up with Nina... I couldn't hurt her that way. She'd stuck by me for three years, through all my tough times, so what more was a lifetime? I mean it was all I could do to give back to her, right?


But then I'd see April, the blonde girl who I had been best friends with for eleven years, and I'd watch her face as it lit up when she looked out the window to see a dog walking past the window, or a little sparrow land on the windowsill and stare into the café and my heart couldn't help but flutter. Except, she was my best friend, and I was hers. I loved Nina, she was my soulmate... wasn't she?


Before I knew it, my thoughts had been interrupted and I was looking through the driver's side window of my car, my eyes wide as I watched the familiar black car drive towards me. I felt the impact as we collided, I felt the airbag hit my face, and I felt my car roll. After what felt like an eternity, it stopped and I was left hanging upside down, my ears ringing as my world slowly faded away. I looked over at April, her head was bleeding, her air bag had deflated, and she looked as if she was out cold... though she looked rather peaceful. And then everything went black.


April had been the last thing I saw, and the last thing I thought about... not Nina. Well, until I woke up in the hospital room.


I had been distracted. I was too busy thinking about Nina, and the fight we had... and then thinking about April... and there was a sign. A give-way sign... I missed the sign. I had been so buried in my thoughts that I could've killed my best friend.


My thoughts are cut off by the angry voice of my girlfriend, who frowns at me as she scolds me for not listening to what she was saying. I look over to her before rolling my eyes. am the one in the hospital bed, was the one who almost died, yet it was the end of the world when I didn't listen to whatever pointless thing she was saying because I was busy thinking about the accident that I could've been killed in.


Typical Nina... always so selfish.


I let my head sink deeper into the pillow as I tune out the angry words and slurs that are thrown my way. I'm sick of it... and now the one person I would go to for comfort, could be gone. Forever. How was I supposed to deal with that? And not only could she be dead... but if she is... it would be my fault. 




I hope you enjoyed, and if you didn't realise earlier this is in Cooper's POV, not April's. Cooper was the other person involved in the accident. 

Some feedback would be very much welcomed and is encouraged as it will help
me grow as a writer, but that being said, feedback is not absolutely 

To anyone who reads this; have a wonderful day or night! 

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